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Young-Lewin delivers above-market risk-adjusted returns via our specialized niche business model.

Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)

Young-Lewin Capital typically constructs ADUs worth $800,000 (based on the rental income) at an estimated cost of $200,000 resulting in a $600,000 projected profit on the ADU portion of the investment alone. The land cost is negligible since we purchase the properties at normal residential prices and build on essentially free development land in the backyard.  

Protected by State Law

ADUs are protected under a powerful statewide California law (AB-68) that requires them to be administratively approved and fast tracked with minimal local control. Governor Newsom has prioritized solving the housing shortage in California.

Streamlined Approval Process

Because ADUs are required to be approved ministerially by-right, the approval process is typically 4-6 months, significantly shorter than a typical ground up development project. Local anti-development interest groups have little ability to delay or alter the projects given the protections of the state law.

Efficient Design

Although limited by state regulations to 1,000 square feet, we have developed an optimized design consisting of 4 lofted Beds/4 Baths with individual exterior access doors as well as interior common access. The ADUs alone are projected to generate $5,000+ in gross monthly income.

Chapman University, CSU Long Beach

Private Student Housing

Young-Lewin Capital addresses a market need by providing intentional, by-design student housing in university markets that are traditionally underserved in that regard. Young-Lewin typically captures the top 20% of the market rent range for the universities where we are operational. We are continually refining our product design and our management experience with the goal of optimizing the student tenant experience.

We are currently achieving in the range of $1,300-$1,500 per bedroom across our portfolio.

Covered Land

We typically build ground up new construction and are able to achieve the high returns associated with new construction development, however we are able to do so with a reduced risk because all of our properties are covered land plays. The houses we purchase are typically rent-ready or close to rent-ready at acquisition allowing us to generate income during the design and planning stages to cover holding costs and greatly reduce our downside risk as compared to a raw land play.


Young-Lewin creates a single-purpose holding LLC (owned by our deal-specific investors and Young-Lewin) for each acquisition.

Young-Lewin is experienced in a broad variety of deal structures and can flexibly accommodate the needs of our investors regarding 1031 exchanges, small and large investment amounts, and joint ventures.

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